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No Compressed Air
Dental Milling Machine

Smart Servo System for Supreme Performance

P55D is a new high-end dry milling machine from UP3D, designed with high precision servo system and all-weather stable production technology for 24-hour efficient continuous milling. Equipped with a high-speed electric spindle from Germany and a plug-and-mill without the need for compressed air, it allows for smart remote control. Compatible with a variety of materials, its integrated dust-proof design and structural optimization reduce maintenance and enhance efficiency.

High Precision Servo System 
Round-the-Clock Stable Production

The full-servo drive system precisely compensates for milling vibrations, ensuring stable and efficient production 24 hours a day. This allows for the effortless precision milling of complex restorations.

No Compressed Air Needed
German Precision Engineering

Featuring a high-speed German-imported electric spindle with speeds up to 60,000rpm, combined with no compressed air needed design, this setup allows for plug&mill operation. Not only giving users maximum freedom in choosing the installation site but also saving them the cost of running a compressor. Its superior performance effortlessly handles milling of hard materials.

Materials Flexibility
Enhancement through Custom Solutions

The device supports a wide range of materials, including Zirconia, wax, PMMA, PEEK, composite resin, and soft metals, and is compatible with both disc and block specifications. It offers customized, efficient restoration solutions designed to significantly enhance production efficiency.

Smart Remote Control
Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency

Remote control through MillMind software, along with smart milling reminders and tool life monitoring, effectively supervising production status and significantly boosts production efficiency.

Integrated Dustproof Design

P55D features an integrated, fully sealed silicone dustproof design, effectively isolating dust, reducing equipment damage and maintenance needs, thereby significantly extending its service life.


Reduce Maintenance Costs

The maintenance process has been streamlined, and the upgraded machine allows even those without prior experience to perform maintenance quickly, significantly reducing overall maintenance costs and enhancing operational efficiency.


Generous Working Chamber

A larger milling chamber provides operators with more space and flexibility, simplifying the process of material installation and removal, effectively improving work efficiency.

Restoration Types/Materials


Product Guide


Model P55D
Fields of Application Dry machining
Materials Zirconia,wax,PMMA, PEEK, composite resin,soft milling CoCr sintering metal
Material Specifications Discs: height 10-30mm,diameter 98.5mm Blocks up to 40*20*20mm(Max)
Indications Crowns,anatomical crowns,screw-retained crowns, inlaysonlays,veneers,telescopic crowns, abutments, bite splintsfull dentures etc.
Construction Machine bed made of solid cast aluminum body
Number of Axes 5-axis
Housing Steel, white high-gloss paint, main view face molded byinjection
Linear Axes (X/Y/Z) Precision ball screw drive; Travel:104*60*100mm
Rotary Axes (A/B) A-axis:360°, B-axis: ±33°
Control Unit 5-axis precision full servo drive system
Lighting LED lighting inside the working chamber, with additionalstatus display
Power 1.0KW
General High-frequency spindle, automatic tool change
Speed Up to 60,000 rpm
Tool Holding Diameter Φ4
Linear Axes (X/Y/Z) Precision ball screw drive; Trave: 155*110*95mm
Power Max 0.8KW
Tool Change Tool magazine for 13 tools, length measurement and tool breakage monitoring via precision measuring key
Voltage 100VAC-130VAC, 200VAC-235VAC (selectable), 50-60Hz
Dust Extraction Filter level: M; Flow rate: 2500L/min
Data Wi-fi, USB, Ethernet port
Operating Temperature Between 10℃ and 35℃
Air Moisture Below 80% (relative), non-condensing
Dimensions (W/D/H) 442*560*704mm
Weight 106kg
CAM Software UPCAM, Millbox