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The Best 5-axis Dental Auto Disc Changer Milling Machine | UP3D P53DC


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    The Best 5-axis Dental Auto Disc Changer Milling Machine | UP3D P53DC

    2024-05-22 19:40:30

    UP3D has launched the P53DC 5-axis automatic dis-changer intelligent engraving machine, which realizes 24-hour continuous processing, automatic material-changing, and intelligent and efficient production. The machine uses intraoral scanning to replace traditional silicone rubber molding, and digital software and hardware are used in manufacturing plants and clinics to greatly reduce manual labor and speed up the process. Additionally, remote design capabilities improve workflow efficiency, while data traceability reduces rework rates and enhances patient experience.

    “How can UP3D P53DC enhance your dental lab? Are you still hesitating when digital upgrading is an unstoppable trend?”

    Faced with such a huge dental consumer market, many traditional denture manufacturing factories are facing a series of issues, such as rising labor costs, increasing demands for product delivery cycles and quality, and low efficiency of traditional production methods.

    The Main Advantages of P53DC Include

    1. 24/7 Milling
    Based on the automatic material-changing component, the lathe control system works in conjunction with the layout software. By importing the milling files into the lathe system in advance and placing the materials, 24/7 production can be achieved.


    2. Automatic Material Changer

    With the addition of a high-intelligence automatic material changing component, materials are installed onto a metal secondary fixture and placed into the material bin. Through the synergy of software and hardware, technicians are freed from the tedious work of following up on material changes.


    3. 90-Degree Milling Capability

    With the metal secondary fixture as the foundation of P53DC, UPCAM is used for layout processing, reproducing the lip and cheek design of the dentures as per the designer's specifications, achieving a 1:1 replication effect without the need for secondary manual polishing, resulting in a more natural-looking denture.


    4. Precision CAM Milling Strategy

    Equipped with automatic calibration function, the P53DC allows for one-click operation to perform calibration, which is very user-friendly for repeated milling of standard blocks, modification and debugging values. With the use of custom-designed cutting tools, the denture is replicated 1:1 from the original design. This achieves a milling effect that eliminates the need for crown fitting, tooth shaping or carving.


    5. Remote Operation and Multiple Control

    The P53DC can be remotely operated and controlled by multiple users, allowing for efficient collaboration and delegation of tasks.

    Equipped with a new generation CNC system, the P53DC can be connected and controlled by a single computer, allowing for real-time monitoring of multiple machines and efficient management. The system can also track and record the usage of each cutting tool and provide alerts when a tool has reached its lifespan, reminding users to replace it and avoid waste of materials and time caused by tool-related issues.

    “Why settle for slow and manual dental milling when the UP3D P53DC Dental Milling Machine can efficiently handle bulk orders with ease?”

    The P53DC uses Archimedes cleaning curve to efficiently remove dust from materials after processing, while the spiral spindle blows air for a hands-free, clean result. 

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    The LED light strip indicates processing status with orange for processing, green for completed, and red for abnormal. Calibration is displayed in blue. Technicians can view the progress from outside the room, saving time and effort.