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Celebrating a Decade of Innovation: UP3D Wraps Up Its 2024 Global Partner Conference!


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    Celebrating a Decade of Innovation: UP3D Wraps Up Its 2024 Global Partner Conference!

    2024-05-22 19:40:30

    In the vibrant city of Shenzhen, China, on March 1st, UP3D marked a significant milestone—its ten-year anniversary—by hosting its first-ever Global Partner Conference. Under the theme "Ten Years Together," this grand event brought together dental experts and over seventy agents from 55 countries, focusing on UP3D's product innovation and the new trends in global dental development. It was a celebration of UP3D's ten years of achievements and a stepping stone towards a new decade of digital dentistry and innovation.

    United in Vision: Navigating the Blue Ocean of Dentistry

    The conference kicked off with a warm welcome speech by Mr. Liu Yandong, Deputy General Manager of UP3D. He expressed heartfelt gratitude to the partners who had traveled from afar and took a moment to reflect on UP3D's journey since its inception. Mr. Liu highlighted the company's digital dental development path and shared future plans with partners, emphasizing that every step of progress and success was made possible through the partners' attention, trust, support, and participation. Looking ahead, UP3D is committed to relentless pursuit of technological innovation and quality enhancement, aiming to provide global users with an exceptional product experience and professional support.
    Intelligent Manufacturing: Fostering Value Growth

    A highlight of the conference was the presentation by Mr. Xu Junjun, Sales Director for UP3D in Europe and Africa. He shared insights into the "DIGITAL LAB INNOVATION", discussing UP3D's DentalHouse Smart Manufacturing digital solution. This solution integrates UP3D's service platform with a digital dental product matrix, offering a complete digital workflow from model scanning to dental design and production, thereby enabling dental laboratories to achieve intelligent and automated production. It supports the intelligent management of staff, production data, and material information, extending its benefits to dental clinics and enhancing patient treatment experiences with its powerful technology.

    Intelligent Manufacturing: Fostering Value Growth


    Following the insightful shares, Ms. Lu Zhaoru, Sales Director for UP3D in the Asia-Pacific region, introduced the "SOREAL Chairside Digital Solution." This solution aims to address key issues in the dental industry by improving treatment quality, reducing case handling time, and maintaining a competitive edge. With integrated workflows, AI design, and a global support network, it focuses on precise restoration, improving operational efficiency for dental institutions and optimizing patient care. The solution encompasses digital impressions, chairside rapid restoration design systems, intelligent production management systems, and rapid processing systems. Particularly, the creation of the UPDENTAL chairside intelligent platform is crucial for building a complete digital workflow, simplifying clinical restoration processes, and enabling "Same Day Dentistry" scenarios. The comprehensive digital dental system solution was met with unanimous acclaim from the attendees.


    Embracing the Future: Envisioning Dental Restoration


    The conference also featured guest speakers, including esteemed dental digitalization leaders from Korea, Dr. David, Dr. James, and Dr. Andy. They explored the future of all-ceramic restoration, digital workflows, and the latest trends in digital dentistry in their presentation "The SOREAL Future of Digital Dentistry." Dr. David shared valuable insights into education and sales strategies for dentists, offering attendees forward-thinking industry perspectives.


    The conference concluded with engaging discussions and a group photo, capturing the moment of unity and shared vision.


    A Decade in Review: Looking Forward

    The ten-year anniversary of UP3D is a milestone moment, symbolizing a journey of perseverance and innovation. As we look to the future, UP3D remains dedicated to fostering an open and collaborative ecosystem, driven by technological innovation, localized global services, and diverse product offerings. Together, we strive to unleash infinite creativity within the dental industry to build a globally outstanding digital dental ecosystem, and advancing towards another fruitful decade.