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High-speed Dental Lab Scanner UP400

Software Upgrade for Flexible Scanning

The UP400 dental lab scanner features one-click intelligent add scan and advanced algorithms for high-speed performance. Its thin powder abutment solution enables precise restorations and seamless integration with leading software, ensuring a flexible and efficient workflow.

High-Speed Precision Scanning

Dual 1.3million pixels cameras and advanced algorithms deliver rapid, high-quality 3D data output, seamlessly blending efficiency and precision. This dental desktop scanner is a must-have tool to elevate dental laboratory productivity.

*This device can not only be used for dental model scanning but also for jewelry scanning or other general purpose.



Full arch: 11s


Unsectioned models scan: 14s


Post&core scan: 33s


Triple tray: 70s


All-in-one: 20s


True color texture scan: 16s

One-Click Intelligent Add Scan

Intelligent add scan automatically identifies and fills in missing model areas. A single click precisely adds scans, eliminating manual angle searching and greatly simplifying the operation process to boost work efficiency.

Open Format Compatibility

Seamless compatibility with leading CAD platforms like exocad, 3Shape, and DentalWings enables export of open-format files (STL, PLY, OBJ, U3M), simplifying data processing for a flexible, efficient workflow.

UPSCAN Software Upgrade

Optimized UI and upgraded algorithms accelerate scanning and elevate post-processing capabilities.


Scanning with Flexible Step Switching

Seamlessly switch scanning steps without restarting, simplifying the process for greater efficiency.


Margin Line Marking

Post-scan, easily mark margin lines within the software to expedite the design process.


Automated Abutment Filling

Automatically fill screw holes, eliminating the need for manual waxing.


True Color Texture

Supports color texture scanning, capturing clear markings such as hand-drawn brace lines and the edges of base teeth, accurately restoring models to improve design precision.


Thin Powder Abutment Solution

Minimal powder to maintain the metal texture, enhancing scanning accuracy and avoiding issues like poor fit, providing reliable data support for precise implant restorations.

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Model UP400
Dimension 355*268*384mm
Weight 10kg
Camera 2*1.3mp
Accuracy 8 microns
Projection Customized blue-light, multi-color scanning
Interface USB 3.0
Output Format STL, UM, PLY, OBJ
Power Supply AC110-240V, 50Hz
Product Features Digital model impression taking
Main Feature High-speed scanning, intelligent add-scanning
Scan Speed Full arch: 11s Unsectioned models scan: 14s Post&core scan: 33s Triple tray: 70s All-in-one: 20s True color texture scan: 16s