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5-Axis Intelligent
Dental Milling Machine

A Smarter, More Hassle-free Partner
for Dental Laboratory

The P53 Five-Axis Intelligent Dental Milling Machine is a state-of-the-art dry milling device that seamlessly integrates an intelligent control system with a unified structure. By injecting intelligent capabilities into dental prosthesis production, it aims to significantly support the scalable manufacturing of dental laboratories.

Dust-Proof Slides
Extend Operational Lifespan

Innovative dust-proof slide technology seals internal components, shielding the machine from airborne contaminants. This advanced design significantly reduces maintenance requirements and prolongs operational lifespan, delivering a more efficient, reliable, and durable machining experience for users.

Streamlined Material
Switching with Custom BK-1 Clamps

The innovative BK-1 clamp design enables rapid disc and block material changes in seconds, optimizing production efficiency.

Precision 90° Milling
for Realistic Restorations

The five-axis synchronous technology enables 90° vertical aesthetic milling, complemented by a 0.3mm micro-carving cutter. This intelligent solution precisely integrates efficient, realistic restoration, ensuring consistently high-quality dental prosthetics that deliver natural-looking, life-like outcomes for patients.

Smart Remote Control

MillMind software provides remote control, smart milling reminders, and tool life monitoring capabilities enable effective production oversight.

Precision and Stability with One-Click Calibration

One-click smart calibration simplifies operations, automatically optimizing the machine's accuracy and stability. This feature reduces milling errors, minimizes material waste, and enhances overall efficiency, empowering users to consistently produce high-precision dental prosthetics with exceptional quality and reliability.

C-Clamp Design

The innovative C-clamp expands buccal milling space, enhancing material layout and edge utilization. This allows for cost-effective, high-quality dental restorations through maximized material use.


Smart LED display strip

The external LED strip synchronizes in real-time to visually track processing progress, eliminating the need for manual checks and enhancing overall production efficiency.


CNC multi-machine control

A single CNC software can manage multiple machines, monitoring real-time status across devices. This saves valuable desktop space and computing resources.


Resume Milling at Breakpoint

The software automatically continues milling from the last interrupted step, eliminating repeated work. This feature boosts efficiency by at least 80%, saving time and resources.


Tool Life Monitoring

Integrated UPCAM technology automatically calculates tool wear, enabling strategic planning to reduce the risk of porcelain breakage and processing failures for consistent, high-quality results.

Restoration Types/Materials


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Model P53
Dimension 443.5*718*628.5mm
Weight 87kg
Input Voltage AC 100-240V
Maximum Power 1.1KW
Spindle Power 0.35KW (max)
Number of Axes Five-axis simultaneous
Milling Range X/Y/Z: 167/200/90mm, A:±30° B:±360°
Milling Type Dry milling
Max Spindle Speed 40,000rpm
Max Feed Rate 3000mm/min
Tool Quantity 11
Tool Change Method Automatic (air pressure > 0.5MPa)
Spindle Cooling Compressed air (air pressure 0.15~0.20MPa)
Materials Zirconia, wax, PMMA, PEEK, cobalt-chromium soft metal, composites
Milling Time Coping: Zirconia 10 minutes, Wax 4.5 minutes Full crown: Zirconia 13 minutes,
Wax 5.5 minutes
Material Size Discs: height 10-30mm, diameter 98mm Blocks up to 40*20*20mm
Spindle Clamping Diameter Φ4.0mm
CAM Support UPCAM, Millbox
Data Transmission Network interface